About Next Level Racing

What started as an obsession with high performance engines, has lead to a family addiction to a need for speed.

As a graduate from UCF's High Performance engine optimization program, Adam Pela has devoted his life to building one of a kind race vehicles.

Starting with a '72 Chevelle dirt track car, built out of spare parts in Cristie's barn in high school. He then proceeded to do motor swaps in his first truck an '86 square body nick named the "Heavy Chevy."

This passion for mechanics lead him to pursue a degree in Precision Engineering, where he had the opportunity to intern with some of the top engine builders and racing teams in the country. From a pit crew position for Gunner Porsche racing and driver Paul Newman (picture), to working part time at Boyd racing engines, building some of the baddest small blocks engines in the stock car circuit (picture). During this time he also became an active member of the Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE) participating in numerous Formula car and Baja car competitions. (picture)

After many years of engineering horsepower for others, he decided it was time to get back into the world of motorsports with his very own creation, The Next Level Mega Truck. With the origin of its namesake came from his mission to take Mega Truck Racing to the Next Level. To this day it still holds the title of World's Fastest Diesel Mega Truck. The Next Level can be seen making an appearance at many of the local racing events and truck shows throughout the state of Florida.

Next Level Mega Truck

This Duramax powered mega truck has been seen in Dirty Mudder Trucker and been one of two in the circuit. Enjoy the footage below.

Next Level Drag Truck

This is a 1000hp+ compound turbo Duramax, regular cab, short bed. It has 4wd and nitrous for those special occasions.