“We can do anything”

With a small shop and a fair amount of Tools and Fabrication equipment we will tackle any job. If we can’t do it in-house we will be sure to find the best vendor who can. As a customer, you can expect your project to be our focus, because it is a small shop we try to take on only a few projects at a time. This allows us to work directly with the customer so that we can include them in the decision making process so that your projects are executed the way “you” want them.

Of course through years of experience from custom fabrication to selecting the right bolt-on parts, we can guide you in your quest for more power, speed, or whatever you may be after. Give us a call at 1-800-440-PELA, there is nothing we can't do...


Modern Equipment

  • Hunter Hawkeye alignment rack
  • Hunter HD Elite Tire balancer
  • Hunter TC3700 High Performance Tire changer
  • Qty-2: 10,000lb Challenger two post lift
  • Qty-1: 18,000lb BendPak two post lift
  • Miller Tig Welder
  • Miller Mig Welder
  • Miller Plasma Cutter
  • Climate Controlled Engine Assembly Room
  • Snap-On A/C recycling machine
  • Snap-On diagnostics equipment
All Duramax
Hummer H1/HMMVW
Classics Cars/Trucks