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I was born in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1978. I’ve lived most of my life in Jupiter, Florida where my love for anything mechanical began. Growing up, I spent the majority of my time either playing on the water, or in my grandfather’s CNC machine shop trying to piece together some kind motorized death trap out of scrap parts laying around.
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Once I got to high school my agriculture teacher discovered my gift for mechanical things and made me the school mechanic in exchange for a few hard earned A’s and an unlimited hall pass. It was in agriculture class where I met my beautiful wife Cristie. Throughout high school I worked as a welder at J&R welding and fabrication, my father-in law's business. After High school I attended the University of Central Florida for their renowned engineering program and unique graduate degree programs. During my undergraduate studies in mechanical engineering I became an active member of SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and participated in numerous Formula One and Baja competitions with many successful team finishes. In SAE I designed chassis’, drivetrains, suspensions, and built all of the engines for Formula and Baja.

After completing my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering I decided that I would like to continue on and get my masters. The only reason I stayed in college was because I opted for a graduate degree program in engineering that only UCF offers. 24 hours daytonaI got a master’s degree in precision engineering with a specialization in high performance engine optimization. I thought, "how cool is this, I can get a master’s while building racing engines, running dynamometers as well as learning how to use flowbenches, engine machining tools, and data acquisition tools on $60,000 NASCAR engines from teams like Evernham, Hendricks, and Penske."

My senior design project was an optimization study on an electronic fuel injected supercharged Small Block Chevy which I machined and built entirely myself while working at Boyd Racing Engines. I spent countless days and nights in the dyno cell. It took blood, sweat, many busted knuckles and 165 gallons of 100 octane fuel to create a monster street motor that ran super smooth on pump gas. As part of my master’s program I was able to intern with some professional racing teams. I started out at Gunnar Racing in West Palm Beach, Florida where I was part of the pit crew for various Porsche race cars from GT-1’s to GT3R’s. I even got to crew with Paul Newman for the 24 hours of Daytona in a GT-1 Prototype car.

It was hard to travel with the race team and still do all of my school work so I decided that I would find another job. Since my interest was really in building engines I got a job machining and assembling late model engines for Boyd Racing in Orlando. It was there that I learned everything there is to know about machining and building some of the baddest racing engines around. I owe a lot to Dennis Boyd, the man built the best motors money can buy for short track racing. I actually had to take on a second job because I spent my whole paycheck at Boyd’s on engine parts. Takash Race Craft in Orlando, Florida was a small shop that built custom one-off hot rods and Drag cars. There I did a little bit of everything from chassis fabrication, roll bars, custom exhaust, chassis jigs, sheetmetal and even custom supercharger kits. Tim Takash is a craftsman and helped me learn how to do a lot of things the old fashioned way which gave me great respect for a truly hand-built Hotrod.
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After I graduated college I moved back to Jupiter where I started working for J&R welding again until I found a job at the Belcan Corporation. Belcan is an engineering outsource company that provides engineering services to many companies like Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, and GE. I built a shop behind my house and began building custom hotrods and high performance Diesel trucks. I continued to experiment with fuel injection and custom tuning engines for both gas and turbo diesel trucks. When I’m not designing parts for gas turbine engines, I am in my shop until the sun comes up. I love to learn new things and work on new projects and I realized that my love for High performance vehicles would never die. After 5 years for compressor design for military fighter jet engines and commercial airline engines, I left Belcan to work for Siemens Energy where I design compressor components for large power generation gas turbines. Shortly after hiring at Siemens my wife became pregnant and gave birth to my incredibly awesome son Rayce!!!

In 2012 my hobby and workload outgrew my 30x50 building and my family!!! I decided it was time to open up Pela Motorsports officially. The new facilty and my amazing team have allowed my business to rapidly expand and continue to grow my satisfied customer base. The main focus of my business is still to treat my customer’s vehicles the way I would want my vehicle to perform. Our Main focus at Pela Motorsports is performance drivetrain solutions. From Custom Suspension to Custom Tuning and high performance engine and transmission builds we can make your horsepower dreams come true! Our Success depends on your satisfaction, that’s why I put my
name on it.

Adam Pela
Adam Pela
Owner - Pela Motorsports